Diving into the Wide World of Research

Recently I uploaded a post introducing a research project that I was intending to engage in. So now seems like a good time to update you all on how exactly my research is progressing. With a few minor adjustments, I have begun working on the project and developed a planning portfolio to outline the steps I intend to take, in order to answer my focus question.

I have altered the focus question of my research project as I found my original question to be far too broad and not suitable for a project of my size. There was simply not enough time for me to conduct a study that large. I narrowed my question down to something smaller and more manageable that would allow me to still cure my curious mind. The new question I am focusing on for my project is:

“How many hours do Communication and Media Studies student spend at University each week?”

I have been undertaking both primary and secondary research with the aim of answering this question as best I can (let’s face it, I’m bound to run into at least a couple of obstacles along the way).


I have compiled a set of survey questions as part of my primary research, aimed at students studying a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies. These surveys will allow me to determine how long these students spend at university during an average week, as well as how long they study outside of university, whether or not they attend all classes and if they work or engage in other activities outside of their studies.

I have also been engaging in secondary research and intend to use my findings as a comparison for my surveys, to determine whether the results found by others correlate with my own. The sources I am gathering my secondary research from include university websites, academic journals and newspaper reports.

A contingency plan has been included in my planning portfolio to ensure any issues I run into along the way can be resolved. The contingency plan will also assist me in finishing my final project on time, regardless of the problems I encounter along the way. It allows me to be responsible as a researcher and produce my results no matter what the findings may be.

For now I will continue to engage in secondary research and begin to recruit participants for my surveys. I look forward to keeping you all updated on the next chapter of my research adventure.

Until next time,




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