The Life of a Girl with a Mobile Phone

A few months ago, I uploaded a blog proposing an idea for a digital research task that I planned to conduct. It comes with great pleasure (and so much god damn relief) to have completed my project after a long month of work.

This short video (or digital narrative if you will) focuses on a university student by the name of Chloe that I studied using ethnographic research. The animated instaclip explores how Chloe interacts with her mobile device when studying, and how mobile phones, social media apps and other devices become distractions when completing work. Through observations and interviews, I gained valuable qualitative data that left me with a greater understanding of how students behave when mobile devices are present in study spaces.

The story-telling video focuses on media audience practices and is told from perspective of Chloe. It explores the elements of media, audience and place and the ways in whichΒ media practices and audience experiences are spatial in nature.

Media: Mobile phones
Audience: University students
Place: Study spaces

The first part of this video is an animated representation of Chloe in an average day of study. Towards the end of the video the results from the ethnographic research are shown, revealing the patterns in Chloe’s mobile usage habits when studying.

Explore the life of Chloe, as she shows you a day in the life of a university student. The short, animated video focuses on how Chloe interacts with her mobile phone when she is really meant to be studying. Will procrastination get the better of her? Watch and find out!

I hope you enjoy the video. Don’t forget to leave a comment below on how you use your mobile phone when studying (or perhaps you’re a good student and don’t use it at all).

Until next time,


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